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So, first things first:

In a previous article, I described the advertising services with Faucet


Eadsy- 1000 Satoshi every hour, 50% of the Referral

MellowAds - 5000 - 100 000 Satoshi every day, 50% of the Referral

Adbitco - 100 - 5000 Satoshi every hour, 50% of the Referral


Each of them has a faucet, it must be said that the very highly paid, in which you can collect Satoshi, for the first advertising company.

Now, let's say you have collected in each service 10,000 - 100,000 Satoshi ... and what to do next. Here that justifies the title of this article "Cross-pollination." What is it? It's simple, here is an example:

At the service Eadsy I advertise Ref. service link and Adbitco MellowAds - here's an example:
Example ad

Links naturally reduces

At the service MellowAds advertise Ref. link services Eadsy and Adbitco, on Adbitco service, respectively the other two. It turns out, what in nature is called "cross-pollination".

What's next? Oh, and then each ad when you come from the referrals that you get 50%. Gradually these services, you go out on that income, which will allow you to continue to cross-pollinate and advertise their PROJECTS FREE.

Now, about what gave me this method: DAILY I can advertise their projects to the amount of 0.005 to 0.01 BTC that is 2-4 dollars. With each day that the advertising budget is growing, for "pollination" is working properly.

All advertising services can be given with the account Satoshi 5000-10000.


Now, about the benefits of this method:


1. If you invite referrals to conventional faucets, then, as a rule, over time, they stop there to collect Satoshi, and hence you lose a referral income. In advertising the services a little differently - each referral want to save on advertising, and therefore collects Satoshi more and more interested.

2. You will get referrals and, accordingly, revenue ABSOLUTELY FREE by spending only the time

3. Over time, these services, at the expense of income from referrals, you can advertise any projects for FREE, while having a good advertising budget


I have repeatedly written that make a lot of Satoshi, or even Bitcoin on the Faucet sites alone is extremely difficult or even impossible. It is necessary to invite referrals, and that takes money, they do not .... is such a vicious circle turns. But because of this situation, there is a way - simple and free, very affordable in my opinion. This technique I have tested and it gives very good results.

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